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Welcome to the life of storytelling by Austin Martinez, a word nerd and taco enthusiast from San Antonio, Texas!

Austin (she/her/ella) is an associate engagement editor for LinkedIn News and a recent UT Austin graduate. She was previously an audience engagement intern at the Los Angeles Times’ metro desk and a podcast host for Moody College of Communication. Austin was also a city and politics senior reporter for The Daily Texan in Austin, TX, and a communications intern for the American G.I. Forum National Veterans Outreach Program.

When she’s not writing, Austin loves to travel with her familia, look for the best mac & cheese, and play with her unamused cat Stephanie Purry. Austin has been obsessed with words since she first discovered her dad’s newspaper subscriptions as a baby. Now that she can read and write those words pretty well, she’s always looking for a new and unique story to share.

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